Technical Issues

PayPal have issues with their website too although they steadfastly ignore any information regarding them.

Firstly, there’s a date error when sending them an email. You have to ‘sign’ and date your email, so you write your name in, (no problem here), but when you add the date from the drop-down calendar it offers you, the date is displayed in the format; DD/MM/YYYY. If you try to send this, it throws up an error and this is in the date field. It requires a manual change to the fomat; DD/MM/YY.

The reason I sent them the email in the first place is because on attempting to respond as requested to a case raised regarding unauthorised funding, I was unable to use their platform to add any information at all or attach a file with an explanation. I even followed their automated help system which asked me to go to options not shown.

If you’ve had this problem or found a way round it, I’d very much like to know.

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