Customer Services

Customer Services

This is my experience when dealing with customer services. Somebody on eBay bought an item I was selling and paid me a small amount as a deposit. They then presumably changed their mind, (although they denied it), and told PayPal it wasn’t authorised. I received an email asking me to give my explanation which I was unable to do as explained under the ‘Technical Issues’ heading.

On calling the service department, the tone was very placatory and I was assured that the information I provided over the phone would be added to the outstanding case that had been raised. It wasn’t.

A few days later I received a further email from them again asking me to respond and again I followed the same steps with the same results.

Finally, some time later I received an email stating that as I had not responded to the case they would continue their investigations without my input. 2 minutes later I received their decision which was of course against me!

This was obviously not properly investigated and I don’t think their staff are able to deal with any questions that don’t follow their guide.

For a financial institution in this day and age, this is very poor and shouldn’t be tolerated.

Please feel free to add any information whether you agree or disagree.


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