Costs – Value for Money?

Simple question. Do you believe that PayPal offer a service that is good value for money? If you have time, I’d like to know what brought you to your decision, (no right or wrong answers here, just looking for a consensus)

Technical Issues

PayPal have issues with their website too although they steadfastly ignore any information regarding them. Firstly, there’s a date error when sending them an email. You have to ‘sign’ and date your email, so you write your name in, (no problem here), but when you add the date from the drop-down calendar it offers you, … [Read more…]

Customer Services

Customer Services This is my experience when dealing with customer services. Somebody on eBay bought an item I was selling and paid me a small amount as a deposit. They then presumably changed their mind, (although they denied it), and told PayPal it wasn’t authorised. I received an email asking me to give my explanation … [Read more…]