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PayPal Complaints

About Richard


I’m just an average guy doing the usual average things and when eBay started insisting that to use their platform you had to have a PayPal account, I followed the crowd and got myself an account.

I’ve never really had an issue with them as I only used it minimally, (their fees are disproportionately high), until very recently. My experience in trying to get a satisfactory resolution was so negative, that I was moved to set up this website.


Trying to engage PayPal support in any meaningful dialogue was absolutely impossible. When I called them directly, they were courteous enough on the phone and promised all would be ok and that they’d add detail to the case, but this simply wasn’t true. From my perspective, the phone line was there purely as a placatory gesture.

Site Goal

My goal is twofold. Initially, I’d like to gather experiences from others who have been unfortunate enough to be on the wrong end of a dispute with them and secondly, (if this proves to be a much wider issue than even I think it is), to present them with enough overwhelming evidence that they are forced to make changes to their operating procedures.

If you’ve never had any issue with PayPal, then may I congratulate you and wish you continued good use of their site without problem.

All the best,

Richard Aylward